Wednesday, November 2, 2011

INVALID:FREE Insulated Cooler Bag

UPDATE: Though I was able to use this link others are reporting that is is a BAD LINK. Do not use.

Not sure how reliable this FREEBIE is, but it is from an AC/Heating Company in Huntsville, Alabama. Name, Email and Address are all the info that is required.

Fill out form and get a FREE Air Performance Heating Cooler Bag.



No Ice Required which means extra space for food and drinks! This means no need to find ice at peak times of the year, bypass restaurants because you have all the drinks and food that you need in your Air Performance Heating cooler bag! Get a free cooler bag just for filling out the form.

After I completed form, it said: Thank You, you will receive your bag within 3-5 weeks. I am thinking a FREE Christmas Present for someone on my list, perhaps?

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